Start-up consulting

Services for companies and corporations

“Full service” with regard to all financial and tax law matters. We accompany our clients throughout the entire corporate cycle. We would be happy to convince you of our service portfolio in a personal meeting.

Start-up consulting

  • Even before starting a business, it is crucial to choose the optimal structure. The preparation of financing plans and financing rounds is of essential importance in the start-up phase.
  • Together with us, you can put the foundation and direction of the start-up on a solid footing from the very beginning.
  • We support you with interest-based advice and help you with accounting and tax administration so that you can concentrate fully on the actual entrepreneurial activity.
Tax advice/structuring
  • Bookkeeping and annual accounts

  • Bookkeeping in our firm or on your behalf in your company, or electronically

  • Cost unit and cost center accounting

  • Planning/actual and target comparisons

  • Balance sheets, income statements

  • Balance sheets

  • Transparency in evaluations

  • Control and analysis


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